Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Going to keep this as short as possible and say goodbye to the "blog-o-sphere" as today is the last time i plan on being here and continue my move forward on Instagram and with the Collectors Talk Crew.

It's been a amazing and fun time being apart of such a great community of like-minded and passionate people that love toys old and new...really it's been one hell of a ride starting with "Revenge of the Cosmic Ark" moving on to " Clawful Punch" and finally landing with "Robot Monster Space Super Hero".

Made so many wonderful friends along the way and i think you all know who you are so no need to list all of you but i do want to spotlight one person who is the entire reason i started down this crazy path...Mister Toyriffic himself, Eric Stettmeier a.k.a. BubbaShelby.

Eric's blog was the first ever toy blog i read and after i discovered it i knew i was in good company and the man has not only been a follower of mine but a fantastic friend which will only continue i hope as travel onward...the same with the rest of too.

I will still remain in contact with you all and continue our toy adventures together if only on the different roads we have taken...Never a ending with a goodbye just a new beginning and excuse to say hello again...Thank You all.